Snus – Smokeless Tobacco

Snus – Smokeless Tobacco


Heysnus (Smokeless tobacco) is used to enjoy nicotine without the associated risks of cigarette smoking. Snus is a leading harm reduction tool used by smokers to quit smoking altogether or to significantly reduce their daily consumption of tobacco. The available scientific data clearly shows that snus is considerably less harmful than cigarette smoking. Research indicates that snus use reduces the risk of oral cancer, pharyngeal and laryngeal cancer, coronary heart disease and respiratory diseases. Additionally, snus does not cause bronchitis or increase the levels of harmful nitrosamines and lead found in smokers’ breath.

Snus has been widely used by Swedish consumers for several decades and is a significant factor responsible for the fact that the incidence of smoking-related deaths in Sweden is significantly lower than in any other European country [3].

The Economics of Snus: Market Trends and Industry Insights

Several epidemiological studies including one prospective cohort study have shown that current snus users have a substantially lower mortality rate compared to non-users of smokeless tobacco. Snus has also been shown to decrease the number of smokers who have or will develop lung cancer, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

A recent study has also shown that the majority of smokers who switch to snus as their main form of tobacco stop using other forms of tobacco on a regular basis, which further supports the concept that snus can be an effective aid in achieving smoking cessation and is a leading tool for harm reduction. Another Scandinavian study [111] based on three epidemiological, cross-sectional studies over 20 years showed that the use of snus was positively associated with the ability to quit daily smoking.

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