Under Desk Treadmill – Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Under Desk Treadmill – Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Long stretches of sitting can wreak havoc on your health, making you feel lethargic and stiff during the workday (and into the evening). That’s why many people who work in offices and at home opt for an to keep them walking as they send emails or take calls—a simple but effective way to boost their metabolism and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Is the under desk treadmill good for exercise?

The best under-desk models we tested include a remote for easy control, a clear LED display that lets you check speed, calories burned, distance, and steps, and built-in speakers to jam out to music. You can also pair most models with fitness apps for even more data-driven motivation. The affordable UREVO 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill has 12 walking programs, plus a smart Quick Jump button for speeding up or slowing down. Its 2.5 CHP motor is powerful enough to support most people’s natural walking speeds, up to 7 mph.

Most under desk treadmills don’t have the same maximum weight capacities as full-sized fitness treadmills, but some—like this model from WalkingPad —are designed to accommodate more weight without sacrificing stability and durability. Check that the treadmill you choose has a high enough max load to comfortably support your weight and those of any household members.

Storage should be a major consideration, too. Look for an under-desk treadmill with a compact footprint and wheels that make it easy to move and tuck away when not in use. Also, if you have small living quarters, consider a treadmill that can fold in half for more efficient storage.

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