San Antonio Short Term Rentals Regulations

San Antonio Short Term Rentals Regulations

San Antonio short term rentals

San Alamo Corporate Housing Rentals in San Antonio, TX entals offer a unique lodging experience, making guests feel like locals during their brief stays. But they also have taken thousands of residences off the market for both rent and sale, contributing to a growing housing shortage. To mitigate this issue, city officials have put in place a number of regulations to ensure the growth of STRs doesn’t negatively impact neighborhood stability and character. Among those is a well-defined registration and licensing process, including a requirement that operators obtain a permit and pay hotel occupancy taxes (HOT) in order to legally operate. To make sure they are on the right track, STR operators can consult this online resource that offers a detailed view of the city’s zones and their allowances for short-term rentals.

San Antonio Living Made Easy: Your Guide to Alamo Corporate Housing Rentals for Temporary Stays

The online resource also allows STR owners to navigate the registration and HOT reporting process. For properties that are within the city limits, a STR permit is required in addition to registering for a HOT account with Bexar County.

As a way to manage the impact of STRs, the city divides them into two distinct categories based on owner-occupancy status. For Type 1 STRs, in which the host resides on the property and considers it their primary residence, there are few restrictions on their operation. But for non-owner-occupied STRs, density limitations limit the total number of STRs in residential areas to 12.5% of each block. Some council members have suggested increasing the current $100 fee for a three-year permit to provide funds that can be directed toward adding affordable housing stock.

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