Confederate Flags For Sale in Macclenney, Fla.

Confederate Flags For Sale in Macclenney, Fla.

It’s not uncommon for memorabilia experts to report that the confederate flags for sale market is “softening,” a polite way of saying that sales are plummeting. But the reason can’t be pinned on recent controversy. After all, a rare Civil War battle flag in modest condition recently fetched $77,000 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

MACCLENNY, Fla. — During the week after the shooting of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, national retailers like Wal-Mart, Sears/Kmart, eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping stopped selling merchandise featuring the Confederate battle flag. But at one tiny roadside store in this town about 30 miles from Talladega, Confederate flags for sale are flying out the door.

Exploring Controversy: Confederate Flags for Sale in Modern Times

The ANLEY 3×5 foot Confederate Flag features two rows of brass grommets on the fly end and is crafted of durable polyester for years of outdoor use. It is printed with a fade-resistant finish that holds up in even the most intense sun and high winds.

This is a high-quality reproduction of the authentic CSA Confederate flag. It is not the same as the American Flag that the CSA flew during the Civil War and is not meant to be used as an identifier of the CSA as a nation or state. It is simply a popular symbol of Southern pride. The CSA flag is sometimes known as the “rebel” or “Dixie” flag. Despite never having represented the CSA as a nation, it has become an iconic symbol for some who believe in states’ rights and other controversial ideas.

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