You’re getting to the point where your social media is starting to get some attention. Great! But now, you’re trying to figure out what you could be doing with the help of advertisers. How do you let them know what it is that you’re doing and why they should choose your site above others?

There is a lot to be said when you look at engagement on social media. What does it tell advertisers, though? Will it matter to them and what does it explain to them?

How Far Your Reach Can Be

Yes, even if you started your site by buying likes and followers on Instagram, your reach is huge. This is especially true if you took the time to go ahead and find the sites that offered you real followers and likes, making it so that you can get all sorts of interaction and whatever else that you’re looking at here. When they see how many followers you have, they are going to see how many people you have the ability to reach.

What Your Audience Looks Like

Demographics are everything to advertisers, and they want to be able to see everything that you’re doing with your audience demographics. Do you have the people that they are going to want to target for their product or service? If so, and you’ve got the numbers to back it up, then you’re a candidate for them to want to have you as an affiliate. If not, then they may want to go with someone else instead.

If You’re Worth an Investment on Their Part

They want to know if you’re going to make them money, above all else. If they look at your social media and see potential, then they are going to be a lot more likely to want to work with you, no matter what. If they don’t think that they are going to get ahead by providing you with free products or discount codes for your followers, then they aren’t going to be quite as willing to work with you – and they will see that from looking at your analytics and numbers.

How You Engage With People

They can also see how you talk with people and engage with them. Do you reply to comments, or just let them sit? How do you reply to comments? What are you doing on the site? If you’re just posting and not really communicating otherwise, you may be a little less of an appealing option for them. If you’re really engaging with your audience, they may be more excited to have you.

If you’re willing to put in the work so that you can get an audience, it really will go a long way for you to start moving toward finding advertisers and affiliates to work with. It’ll definitely take time to get to that point, but once you get there, you’ll feel more confident and prepared, and you’ll start to see some money come in as well!