The trickiest thing about technology is how quickly we become unphased by the lightning-fast evolution of tech. As a sci-fi/fantasy fan I’ve always been more than a little interested in the use of technology and the social ramifications of that usage.

Infinite Marketing Potential; Not as Much Ad Chatter

I bet you can name oodles of products based on their logos alone. There are even mobile games in which that is the sole goal; to properly identify logos. Yes, jingles and slogans are also helpful marketing tools, but sometimes they just aren’t what you want or need for your particular brand.

Today’s savvy marketers know that reliance on digital media has taken a firm foothold in the business landscape and have taken full advantage of this new frontier of marketing, giving customers a lot less talk, and you a lot more sales.

Increase Profits, Not Overhead

Instagram has drastically grown in its influence on the average consumer. For the better part of a decade, it has transformed itself from showcasing stylistic photographs to influencing global trends in myriad ways. If you want to increase your business without adding a large promotions expense, you might find that Instagram marketing, or social media marketing in general, is the right option for you. The outreach potential is astronomical compared to the effort and expense of managing a social media marketing campaign.

Evolve with the Tech

There are quite a few easy ways to drive customers to your site, both on and offline, by investing just a little time and money into your Instagram, YouTube or other social media platform. Better yet, by linking your platforms you can accelerate that growth from multiple vantage points.

One of the simplest and cheapest boosts is using the Instagram Shopping tool and other free add-ons that Instagram offers on your personal or business page. If, as mentioned above, your platforms are linked, this drives traffic from any of your favoured social platforms to your webpage or physical location.

Focus on the Perfect Shot, Not Your Social Marketing Campaign

Instagram is first and foremost a place to show of your shutterbug skills, so utilize this at every opportunity. However, if your Instagram following is on the low end of the counter, it’s a good idea to look into purchasing Instagram likes/followers from credible companies that offer such a service. It’s only about $10 on average for the purchase of about 100 followers, and this small investment has been proven to show great returns in traffic.

You Have the World at Your Fingertips, Why Not Expand Your Horizons?

If being a lifelong nerd has taught me anything, it’s that technology and humanity are intricately and intrinsically entwined. Who can say for sure what tomorrow’s tech will bring? Our use of social media would boggle the mind of consumers just a century ago, showing how fast science fiction becomes reality. Invest in your future self and post it on Instagram.